Developmental editing is the practice that is used as a type of writing support which is usually done earlier or during the process of producing the publishable script. In most of the cases, the development editing is used in the area which involves non-fiction writing. Some of the activities which are involved in the developmental editing are structuring and the restructuring of the manuscripts. The individuals who are involved in the development editing are known as the developmental editors. The developmental editors will be engaged in a number of activities for the purpose of developmental editing of the manuscripts.

First, the developmental editor will be involved in the process of the guiding the author of a manuscript through the process of coming up with the topic for the script. The editor will also aid the author through planning of the overall structure of the script in the same time developing the scripts outlines. There are the instances when the developmental editor will act as a coach to the author. In this case, the editor will coach the author in their writing and this may be achieved on chapter to chapter basis. When the work of the author has been proved to contain revision by another person, the developmental editor may be engaged in such revisions. In such a case, the developmental editing may be viewed as a radical way of editing the manuscripts in a substantive manner.

Although the developmental editors may be highly involved the revision, structuring and the restructuring of the manuscript, it does not mean that the authors have lost control of their work. The authors of the scripts will at all the time maintain the control over their work. They will also be responsible in providing the content for the manuscript. However, there are the instances when the developmental editors will provide the content for the script. In such a case, the editor will not be referred to as an author. Instead, such editors are known as ghost writers. Read more at this website.

A good developmental editor will in most of the cases provide the editing solutions with bearing in mind the target audience of such wring writing work. The editor will also judge the work with respect to the standards which have been set in the writing industry. The attributes that one may consider when selecting the developmental editor also numerous. Such may include the experience of the editor, the track history of the editor and the price which different developmental editors may charge for the editing service. Click here for more info: